Too long since my last post

It’s been a disappointing eleven months. My second novel, Some Choose The Pen took much longer to complete than anticipated and will now be published before the end of the year. Worse still is that I have found the marketing and admin side very arduous and have not yet got A Kind Of Justice listed on Amazon and Smashwords BUT I am adamant that I will get these two tasks done by the weekend. Searching out places willing to do reviews is proving difficult but we will get there.

There is some good news though and that is that my third novel, Noxious Vapours is in final edit mode, the last edit before final polishing. So hopefully I can get that out early in 2016 and get on with the next book in January.

I’ll add to this post when I have A Kind Of Justice on Amazon and Smashwords.

Both A Kind Of Justice and Some Choose The Pen are now on Amazon. The former is also on Smashwords and other channels but for the time being I am trying the latter on KDP Select only.