Noxious Vapours

Noxious Vapours — another ‘Stackpole Sensation’ novel—now out exclusively on Amazon Kindle.

Late October,1891, in the great seaport of Liverpool and another case for the Woodvines.

A friend asks Charlotte for help in finding the murderer of her husband, an inventor in the burgeoning field of photography.

The police and the Coroner believe the death was accidental and involved no one else.

What is the motive? Commercial? Personal? Or something else?

Nothing is clear, the noxious vapours come and go—it’s all smoke and no mirrors.

Then the chief suspect turns up…

…and matters take another murky turn.

Any more would be spoilers. Nothing is what it seems and as they say in these parts, ‘it’s like knitting fog.’

Another ‘Stackpole Sensation’ novel.

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