Book Two

Jimpy here.

The second book in the ‘Sensation’ series which has been chosen for exposure is currently three-quarters the way through its first draft and has a working title of The Pen and The Sword. It may seem early days but one of the bonuses of working with Henrietta is that her first drafts are relatively well-honed and provide a fine base for subsequent editing and polishing. We did consider participating in NaNoWriMo 2013 but came to the conclusion that writing 50,000 words of a first draft in just a month is not Henrietta’s style; I may continue to persuade her to experiment with it next year.

The Pen and The Sword takes place in 1891 and is about Charlotte, a young woman whose fiancé, Joseph, is tragically murdered under strange circumstances. Crooked police and a militant suffragist are involved in covering up the mystery that Joseph was trying to penetrate the strange disappearance, without trace, of his Uncle Louis. The crooked Inspector De Laune and the vindictive and misguided suffragist, Emma Rattagan, will stop at nothing in their struggle to keep the truth from Charlotte and her friends, many of whom are the same characters involved in Henrietta’s first resurrected work, A Kind of Justice.

Murder and arson are just some of the devices used to hide what must involve, it seems, ‘people in high places.’  No doubt all will come out in the wash but just exactly how I am not sure – after all there are at least another 18,000 words to go – anything could happen yet!

Since originally writing this The Pen and the Sword grew to over 113,000 words when I came to the conclusion that the end didn’t work. This will be the subject of another blog post on writing. My current solution is a major rewrite which I am in the process of handling at the moment.